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I take on a very limited number of weddings a year to remain focused and passionate about my craft. Get in touch to see if your date is still available! 




1. What is your filming style? 


I love filming Emotional weddings. I like to film all those emotional moments in your wedding and make a beautiful story out of your wedding day. I do not like coaching you what to do and how to act in my wedding films. I try my best to capture every single genuine intimate moment in your wedding and make a story out of it. Almost all shots in my wedding videos are genuine intimate moments which I was lucky enough to capture at the right moment. I don’t include the mainstream “ring shots” “shoe shots” etc in my wedding films, I like to film genuine human interactions in your wedding which you will remember forever. 


2. What types of cameras, and lighting will you use?


I use a full frame canon 1dx mark ii cameras with L lenses for all my videography & Photography work. 


3. How will the audio be handled?


Audio is a main part of my wedding films. If you have watched my wedding videos you will notice all the voices are crispy clear and loud. This is because I use lav mics which clip on to the person who I am filming. 


During the ceremony, I use the wireless lav mics, on the groom's lapel, and another one on the officiant, and / or, use additional sound recorders in the location.


4. Can we provide our own music to feature in the background of the video?


If you do have music which is extremely special to you, I will include it in your film. But I do prefer to use music which directly suited to the mood and feel of your wedding. Choosing the music is one of the most important and time consuming parts of creating your wedding film. The subtle change of music with the film, the upbeat music when the first kiss occur.. these are very important point I consider when making your film which cannot be achieved by using popular mainstream music. 



5.Do you record in high-definition?


Yes, all our filming and videography is done in HD (1080P). Filming in 4k is also an option with an additional fee. Please inquire if you want your wedding to be filmed in 4k

6. What type of video formats will we receive?


Digital files in High resolution on a USB, so that you can upload your wedding film on any social networking site. However I will not provide you RAW format files. 



7.Do you use watermarks?


All the pictures and videos given to you will have watermarks. If you want no watermarks in your pictures or videos please let me know so I can arrange it for you.


10. If I have a photographer, Will you coordinate with my photographer?


Yes, I always like to talk to the photographer, DJ, coordinator, to confirm all of the details. I believe, it is important, for all of the vendors to work together, so that your wedding will be awesome, from the start to the end. In fact, I have developed a lot of friends when filming the weddings, and you can check out our preferred vendors list, once it's ready.


11. Will you get in the way?

I have been complimented by many brides and grooms for being inconspicuous. I try and stay out the way and out of your face. I use compact equipment and DSLR cameras (photography looking cameras) to make sure you and your guests are at ease, that’s how I get the most intimate, genuine moments without any problem. 

12.How do we make our booking?

The earlier the better! I do not double book wedding days so I don’t sub-let my work out to others either, so it’s first come, first serve.

Also a 30% deposit is required to book the day in. If you didn't pay a deposit then you aren't booked with me. I understand you have lots to pay for which is why I don’t expect full payment upfront. The remainder of the deposit needs to be paid in a payment plan agreed prior in the contract,

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon