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I take on a very limited number of weddings a year to remain focused and passionate about my craft. Get in touch to see if your date is still available! 

Moody and Dark

A relatively newer style in the landscape of wedding photography, a moody look means that your photographer edits their photos in such a way as to mimic film imagery. This editing style can lead to rich and dramatic images, that are not for everyone. If you love bright, bold colors and want your photos to look exactly how you remember your wedding day (color-wise), then the moody style may not be for you. However, if you’re looking for an artistic, interesting perspective of your wedding day, then this style might be your new obsession.

Vibrant and Colourful 

If you love the look of photography in magazines like Vogue, GQ, and Harper’s Bazaar, then you might like your wedding to be photographed with a similar feel. Vibrant is another one of those styles that many photographers identify with, because it’s an art form in of itself. It allows photographers to shoot creatively and over the top. While you will sometime find candid moments in this style of photography, everything about this style is mostly dramatic, edgy, and sexy.


The purpose of being a photojournalist is to unobtrusively capture the wedding day as a whole, not just the planned moments. Photojournalism got its start in newspapers. Think about famous photojournalists outside of the wedding photography industry, they’re famous for capturing moments that are raw and revealing. If you don’t like posing or staging, then photojournalist style might be the perfect option for you

You can hire a photographer who is capable of capturing all the above mentioned techniques and styles. Every single picture in this website is captured by me in real weddings (not styles shoots) with real couples (none of my pictures are styled shoots done with help of models) So its important for you to book a photographer who is capable of capturing these stunning pictures with the rush and pressure of a wedding day. If you need to see full albums (usually consisting of around 1000-2000 pictures) let me know. Ill be glad to have some coffee with you and your partner and show you all my work. 

Or all of the above